Working with Parents

We believe in forging strong, positive relationships with the parents and carers of our children. You know your child best of all; the information you share with us and is crucial so we can support your child to thrive while they are in our care. We want to work with you in partnership to ensure the best outcomes possible for your child when they leave our school. 
Here are some of the ways you can get involved in your child's education while they are at Comper:
  • Join the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) they need your help!
  • Join the Comper governing body
  • Volunteer to help in your child's class.....if you are interested let your child's class teacher know or email the office
  • Give us your feedback by completing the questionnaires we send out
  • Join in with our 'Capture your views' stands at events. These are when we will ask you to share your views related to a particular topic on a post it note
  • Come along, have fun with family and friends and share special moments with us at our community events
  • Communicate with us about your child via their online journal on the Tapestry platform  
We welcome feedback and we want to actively involve you in the decisions around your child's education and the wider decisions about how we strive to make Comper the best provision possible to meet the needs of our community.
We regularly send out questionnaires via email.  Your views are important to us. We take what you say seriously and use your feedback to inform our decision making. We sent a whole school survey out in the summer of 2021 and a more recent parent survey about just daycare in autumn 2021. Thank you to everyone who completed the questionnaires.
Here are some of the feedback comments from the surveys this year:
"My daughter has been made to feel very welcome and we feel confident that she is safe and well looked after. Staff clearly have gained an understanding of her and things she finds easy and difficult, and it's really nice to see them supporting her with things she's working on."
"It's so easy to hand him over in the morning when he's greeted with such enthusiasm and kindness."
"My child loves school. He loves to learn. He feels safe and supported there. That's the best outcome I could desire for his introduction to a school setting. Thank you to the excellent team."
"My child has learnt really well and resolved behaviour challenges and appreciated the boundaries that have been set, this wasn't because of pressure or focus in these areas, instead I observe a commitment to meeting the needs of the individual child and support in expressing themselves and from there good behaviour standards and a love of learning has flowed."