Attendance at Comper

Nursery Attendance
Comper staff and governors recognise that nursery education is non-statutory and that attendance is not obligatory. However, nursery places are a valuable resource ( we have a waiting list) and it is expected that parents/carers will view their children’s attendance at Nursery as a serious commitment to their long term education outcomes.
Children benefit greatly from coming to Nursery regularly to build relationships with their peers and key people and to ensure that they are embedding their learning over time. Once you have agreed for your child to attend the Nursery School, it is expected that your child will take their full entitlement once they’ve settled in. Some children take a longer period of time to settle and, should this be the case, your child's key person will talk to you about an individual settling plan. It is important to us all that the process is appropriate for your child, so please come and speak to a member of staff if you have any queries or concerns. We are here to help and can usually reassure you that often your child settles shortly after you have left.

Term-time Absence 

We respectfully ask families to book breaks during the 13 weeks of school holiday available each year to ensure continuity of education and the greatest opportunity for children to thrive. Children follow sequences of learning that build knowledge over time. Missing chunks of this can lead to gaps developing and affect their academic progress.

Absences during term-time will only be granted for unavoidable circumstances. Should you need to remove your child from school during term-time, please speak to the Headteacher. 
The table below provides a useful summary of the impact of non-attendance on children’s education.