Uniform and Clothing

At Comper Nursery, we do not have a uniform. However, we do have some recommendations about what to wear at school. 
We want to encourage the children to become independent in their self care. In order to support this we need you to dress them in simple clothing that they can manipulate easily themselves. Too many zips and buttons can be complicated and dungarees can really slow down a child who is desperate for the loo!
So please bring your child to school in:
  • Tracksuit bottoms, Leggings, pull on trousers or skirts with elasticated waistbands
  • T-shirts (long or short sleeved)
  • Jumper or cardigan
  • Socks are preferrable over tights, which can be hard to pull down quickly or pull up again easily
  • Trainers or pumps so that they can run around easily
We are outside lots and do lots of messy play too, so please make sure that your child is not brought to school in their 'best' clothes and that everything is easily washable and will dry quickly.
Your child must come to school each day with the following. You can leave it all at school in a bag, but please make sure everything is always ready for your child each day. Spare pants are essential.