What is Tapestry?
Tapestry is an electronic online journal that staff will be able to add notes, observations, digital photos, video and text to for your child. When you first start with us you will be able to set up an account with a password to gain access to your child’s electronic Learning Journey. This will enable you  to view the comments, observations and photographs on your child and contribute your own photos, videos and add comments too. 
Why do we have an online learning journal?
We use these observations to help inform our assessment of where your child is in their development and what the next steps are. There is no fixed number of observations that your child will get each week, but they will be a 'Focus Child' twice per academic year. This is a time when our practitioners particularly focus on your child to get an in depth understanding of who they are and where they are in their learning. You will see more observations in their journal during this week. You will be contacted by your child's class teacher or key worker when it is your child's turn.
The learning journey is also a wonderful way to communicate with you about how your child is developing and what they are experiencing during their time at Comper. We spend lots of time listening to the children chat to us and talk about their lives and their learning. We try to include some of their voice in their learning journey. Along with your contributions, this is a wonderful way for the children to feel a strong connection between home and school. 
Confidentiality and photos
We would like to reassure you that your child’s data is safe and will only be accessed by you through a password based system. As a school, we have created a privacy setting that does not allow parents to see pictures and or media when it is an observation containing multiple pupils. However, the nature of our setting means that photos that are taken of the children may often have other children alongside or in the background. If you are not happy for your child to feature in other children’s journals in this way, please speak to your child’s class teacher/group leader.
For more information visit: https://tapestry.info/features.html