Comper Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
We are very excited to have started a PTA at Comper this academic year. Michaela Pushka Thornton and Rachel Duncalfe are our fabulous co-chairs who are already doing a wonderful job of organising events that can bring our community together and also raise money for the school.
We have a number of other parents/carers who have signed up to be part of the PTA too. They will be meeting once a half term to organise a range of events that provide opportunities for parents/carers and families to get to know each other, socialise and connect. The PTA also has an important part to play in raising money for the school and other local charities that the school community would like to support.
Get involved - We need you!

All parents and carers connected with the school are invited to join the PTA to help have ideas and plan possible school and community events. Even if you are not part of the actual committee, all parents/carers are part of the PTA, so if you can't commit to the organisational side of things,  then just joining in on the day is very much welcomed!

To contact Michaela and Rachel about getting involved or sharing your ideas please email: 


We are also building strong connections with the PTA at SSMJ and will be working together more closely over the coming academic year to really strengthen our commitment to our shared community.

Please look out for our wonderful co-chairs of the PTA. They will be happy to chat, so if you spot them do stop and introduce yourself.

Hello! I’m Michaela (Lola from Daycare’s mum), I’m really excited to be a PTA Co-Chair, as the Comper School community is really special. My working background is in events, so I am looking forward to doing lots at Comper. If any parents/carers have any ideas for events, would like to get involved, or anything else, do feel free to come and chat with me at the school gates, or drop the the PTA an email. 
I am mum to Jasper in year 1 at SSMJ and Sienna, 5 months. I have lived in Oxford for most of my life but we moved to OX4 6 years ago and love it here, never leaving! I work as a food operations manager but I am currently on maternity leave. I'm really excited to be a part of the new PTA team at Comper, looking forward to raising funds and strengthening the school community.