The Governors come with a range of interests that are used for the benefit of Comper. As well as members of the local community there are governor places for parents of children in the School and staff members; and Catherine, as Head Teacher is a Governor too. The prime task of the governors is to ensure that everything that happens in our School is as good as it can be to benefit the children in their learning and growing.
The full Governing Body meet four times a year. Between those meetings sub-committees and working groups come together formally so that the governors can learn how the School is working.
Among our responsibilities are: to ensure that the aims and policies of the school are established; setting policies; overseeing the curriculum; reviewing the quality of learning and teaching; reviewing the school development plan and monitoring how it is progressing. We oversee the management of Comper in relation to finance, health and safety, and safeguarding and access to the curriculum for all children so that they progress in their learning.
At every full governing body meeting Catherine as Head presents a report to keep all governors informed about the current work and update us with the progress being made in the areas of learning, care and the additional services for which we are responsible.
The sub-committees are as follows:
Teaching & Learning
Comper / Mary and John Partnership Group
To contact the governors a letter or note can be left at the school Reception desk. Please address it to the Chairperson (Jesper) and if the matter is urgent please mark as Urgent (If the Chair is not available it may be opened by Heather, the Vice Chair)
Jesper Ekelund


Jesper has been a governor at Comper since September 2016 and Chair of Governors since September 2020. He also sits on the Resources and SSMJ Partnership committees. Both of his boys were at Comper and are now at SSMJ Primary School. Prior to being a governor at Comper Jesper was a Trustee at Autism Early Support, a charity specialising in early intervention for children with autism or communication difficulties. Jesper lives in an adjacent street to Comper and runs his own consultancy specialising in innovation and sustainability.

Heather Hamill

Vice Chairperson and Health & Safety Governor

Rachel Weston

Safeguarding Governor

Rachel has been a parent governor since 2020. She has one child in Comper and the other in SSMJ. Rachel is head of school in another city school and has been involved in many governing bodies over the years, however the change to parent governor is a different experience for her; being a Mummy instead of head of school gives a new insight to the role!
Rachel is currently on the teaching and learning committee and also the named link safeguarding governor.

Alex Hurrell

Alex has been a governor at Comper since December 2017, and sits on the Teaching and Learning committee. His eldest daughter was at Comper, his middle daughter is there now, and his youngest son will go there when he’s older. Alex lives close to Comper, and works for an international development organisation based in Oxford.

Hester Crombie

Hester has been a parent governor at Comper since September 2020, and sits on the Teaching and Learning Committee. Her youngest is at Comper and her eldest at SSMJ. Hester trained as a piano accompanist at the Royal Academy of Music and now teaches piano, singing, and early years music through the Kodály Method.

Nick Yeung

Nick has been a governor at Comper since November 2015. Both of his children attended Comper for their Reception year and are now at SSMJ. He is currently the chair of the school's Teaching and Learning Committee. He also teaches and does research about people's learning and memory as part of his job as a professor in experimental psychology at the University of Oxford.

Ben Cairns

Ben has been a governor at Comper since [EEK – not sure when – I think 2011], and was Chair of Governors until September 2020. He sits on SSMJ Partnership and Resources committees. Both of his children were at Comper –his daughter is now at SSMJ Primary School; his son attends Oxford Spires Academy. Ben lives in an adjacent street to Comper and is the founder Director of the Institute for Voluntary Action Research (www.ivar.org.uk).

Chrissy Gower

Teaching Governor