The Governors come with a range of interests that are used for the benefit of Comper. As well as members of the local community there are governor places for parents of children in the School and staff members; and Catherine, as Head Teacher is a Governor too. The prime task of the governors is to ensure that everything that happens in our School is as good as it can be to benefit the children in their learning and growing.
The full Governing Body meet four times a year. Between those meetings sub-committees and working groups come together formally so that the governors can learn how the School is working.
Among our responsibilities are: to ensure that the aims and policies of the school are established; setting policies; overseeing the curriculum; reviewing the quality of learning and teaching; reviewing the school development plan and monitoring how it is progressing. We oversee the management of Comper in relation to finance, health and safety, and safeguarding and access to the curriculum for all children so that they progress in their learning.
At every full governing body meeting Catherine as Head presents a report to keep all governors informed about the current work and update us with the progress being made in the areas of learning, care and the additional services for which we are responsible.
The sub-committees are as follows:
Teaching & Learning
Pay Committee
To contact the governors a letter or note can be left at the school Reception desk. Please address it to the Chairperson and if the matter is urgent please mark as Urgent.
Hester Crombie

Chair for term 2 & Member of Teaching & Learning Committee. Lead on Wellbeing

Hester has been a parent governor at Comper since September 2020, and sits on the Teaching and Learning Committee. Her youngest is at Comper and her eldest at SSMJ. Hester trained as a piano accompanist at the Royal Academy of Music and now teaches piano, singing, and early years music through the Kodály Method.

Suzy Dixon

Co-Chair of the Resource Committee. Lead on Health and Safety

Suzy has been a parent governor at Comper since September 2022. Her eldest child is currently at Comper and she also lives close by. Suzy works in National Health Service management at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Mr Haris Irshad

Lead safegaurding Governor & Co-Chair of the Resources Committee

Haris has been a parent governor since September 2022. He has one child in reception and another in a nearby nursery, and volunteers on environmental sustainable issues locally. An economist by background, Haris worked on higher educational policy for several years and currently works in financial services regulation.

Lucy Kempton

Member of the Teaching and Learning Committee

Lisa Roberts

Staff Governor & Member of the Teaching & Learning Committee. Lead on SEND

Ms Kathy Sylva

Chair of Teaching & Learning Committee

Kathy Sylva is Professor of Educational Psychology and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of
Oxford. She has led research on education in the Early Years, with particular focus on the effects of
early education on children's development, including the role of pedagogical quality. She carries
out trials of interventions in the UK and low-income countries. Kathy was Principal Investigator on
the Effective Pre-school, Primary and Secondary Education study, a longitudinal study of 3000
children from 3-18 years. She co-directed the National Evaluation of Children’s Centres in England, a
largescale study of the effects of family services on 2,500 families/children. She has been Specialist
Adviser to Parliamentary Select Committees and currently serves on Ofsted’s Pedagogical Forum.
She received an OBE and is Fellow of British Academy, Academy of Social Science, and British
Psychological Society. She has honorary doctorates from the Open University, Oxford Brookes, the
University of Gothenburg and the University of Jyvaskyla.

Janette Chow

Member of the Resource Committee

Riaz Ahmed

Member of the Resources Committee

I am a retired pharmacist after 50 years of service, 25 years of which was in hospital pharmacy and 25 years in community pharmacy at the Woodstock Road Chemist.
I live locally and have been involved in various community activities and I have been promoting education in the community all my life.

Alison Base

Member of the Teaching and Learning Committee

Alison is a an experienced Early Years teacher and leader who has also worked with Oxfordshire County Council's Early Years Team as a Lead Advisor to support Early Years Practitioners across Oxfordshire. She has three grown up children.

Sarah O'Leary

Member of the Teaching and Learning Committee & Attendance Lead

I have been a Nursery Nurse and then a Teacher in Oxfordshire for the last 30 years, I am currently the Headteacher of Slade Nursery School. I am particularly passionate about early language and communication, literacy and outdoor learning.