Aims & Ethos


At Comper we believe that a child’s earliest experiences lay the foundations for their self-confidence, well-being, and later learning.  

At Comper we give children the best possible start in life. We are committed to providing the highest quality of education and care for our young children and their families. Comper children will be curious learners with a strong desire to question the world around them. They will know that their learning and the opportunities available to them are limitless. At Comper we want all our children to leave with the self-confidence to be able to enjoy positive, healthy, safe relationships and to celebrate the diversity in our community and the wider world.


We seek to foster a close partnership with parents and carers, where inclusive opportunities, good communication and a shared purpose and responsibility are at the heart of our school community. We celebrate the rich diversity of our community and encourage our children and each other to be open minded and learn from each other’s life experience. We celebrate and value each child’s individuality putting their emotional wellbeing at the heart of everything we do. Comper is a loving, nurturing environment that is passionate about developing curious young minds,  working with reflective practitioners, and having fun while learning and working together. 

Our Aims:

  • We work with parent/carers and the local community so that together we can build children’s confidence, self-esteem and support them to have a strong sense of belonging
  •  We are an inclusive school that welcomes and supports each child’s uniqueness
  • We put learning and exploring through play are at the heart of our approach
  • We aim to stimulate curious learners in a calm, consistent and purposeful environment, while also having fun!
  • We celebrate and build on our children’s experiences, supporting them to achieve their full potential academically, emotionally, and physically
  • We encourage a healthy attitude towards life and learning. 

Our Values:

 Love, Curiosity, Courage &  Aspiration