Week 1   22nd February   Storytelling Focus

Book Link : ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen         Hear, map, step, speak.

Maths: Counting to 10/ 20, estimating, recognising numbers

Creative activities: Bear craft, making props and scenery for role play

Role Play –Outdoors – recreate environment for children to act out Bear Hunt story in sequence.

Understanding of the world – The Seasons

Show and Tell – Will now be every Friday (No Toys!) Children can bring a special object, a find from the natural world or a favourite book


Week 2     29th February    Libraries and Bookshops       

Book Links : But Excuse Me That is My Book, The Gruffalo - Learn about  illustrator and author Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffler

Maths: Counting to 10/ 20/ 100, counting on from a given number, saying the ‘next’ number

Creative – Mother’s Day cards, daffodil painting

Understanding of the world -  Occupations

Role Play - Book Shop, Library

World Book Day – Thursday 3rd March – Dress up as your favourite book character!                      


Week 3   7th March   Local shops and parks                                                          

Book Links: The Shopping Basket, Don’t Forget the Bacon, The Tiger who came to tea, Voices in the Park                            

Maths: Numbers to 20, beginning to record numbers, Looking at coins

Creative –Pizza restaurant craft, Cookie shop craft, Play dough sweet shop   

Cookery – Making Pizza!  

Role Play - Restaurant                        

Understanding of the World - Walk to local shops


Week 4      14th March    Transport, Road safety   

Book Links : Mr Gumpy’s Outing, Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car, Mrs Armitage on Wheels, No Problem, Non- fiction texts - Transport

Maths: Beginning to use the language of direction

Creative – Make and decorate large vehicles, junk modelling vehicles

Role Play – Large vehicles, Petrol station, Bus station

Sports Relief Activities: Friday 18th March


Week 5  21st March   Museums & Activities

Book Links: Me and Alice go to the Museum, Harry and the Dinosaurs go to the Museum

Maths: Adding by counting on, subtracting by counting back, beginning to know the number 1 more or 1 less, Egg hunt

Creative activities – Easter Cards

Cookery – Easter nests

Role Play – Museum and Art Gallery

Understanding of the world – Spring, Easter



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