A genuine partnership

Everyone in Comper Nursery is committed to working in partnership with the parents/carers of our children. Parents are a child's first educator; they know their child in a unique and treasured way. Our staff spend a lot of time with the children and get to know they in another 'special' way. Sharing information, insights and ideas is the best way of supporting a child in their early learning and development.

Meetings with staff

Please feel free to discuss how your child is getting with your child's teacher or key person.  Staff are usually available at the end of each session, or by appointment at other times during the week.

If there is something urgent we should know then, of course, do let the member of staff know about it at the start of the session. You will understand that the start of a session is very busy and our priority is to settle the children. For this reason, we ask you to keep conversations brief and for 'can't wait' items. 

Please come to talk with Chris, the Head teacher about anything urgent at any other time as well. Remember that the safety and well-being of your child is our number one duty. So, if for instance you have a real worry, then do share it. Similarly, either Chris or the teacher will always talk to you if we have a concern.

We offer termly parent consultations where you can meet with your Teacher/Key Person as well.

Children’s records and Learning Journeys

Parents complete a form when children make their first visit to school. This gives an opportunity to explain about each child’s interests and talents and anything which parents feel might be a concern. Your child’s Teacher/Key Person will discuss this with you on your visits.

During their time in Comper, each child’s Teacher or Key Person keeps detailed observational profiles on the children in their groups and contribute to records on all the children. 

They have regular discussions with parents to share children's progress with parents.

Close observation of children enables teachers to plan appropriately for their next steps. When your child leaves the Nursery you will receive a report summarising his/her achievements in all areas of the curriculum as well as their ‘Learning Journey’ which is a record of their experiences at our school. A profile/report for each child will be forwarded to the next school/setting your child attends.  


Parents & carers in Nursery

You are welcome to spend time in Nursery with your child, and it can be helpful for all the children if we have extra adults to get involved with them in their play.

We usually find that it works best if you come in after your child's first term, so that they are securely established on their own before your visits.

You may like to stay and do a specific job, such as helping with Forest School, cooking, woodwork, etc. 

We always need extra people to read books to children in the book-corner.  If you would like to do this please talk to your child's group leader. (Grandparents, Aunts or Uncles are welcome too!).

Please let us know your skills, enthusiasms and talents- more or less any interest will be something children will enjoy sharing. 

If you are happy to help on a regular basis you will be very welcome. 

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