Ofsted Inspection of Nursery

All of our provision is regulated and inspected by Ofsted.

Promoting and checking on quality

In readiness for an inspection, and in order to ensure the quality of our provision, Comper rigorously promotes and monitors all aspects of care and early education. The Head is responsible for the management of this process, with managers for each part of the provision taking an active role. Promoting Quality features strongly in our various Development Plans which, in turn, as regularly reviewed by the governing body. Training is designed to specifically support priorities for development. The priorities focus on outcomes for the children. Finally, the process is strongly aligned to our supervision and appraisal of staff.

Comper Nursery School (Hertford Street) was inspected in June 2015 and judged overall good.

Known as: Comper Foundation Stage Nursery School



'The vision shared by the headteacher and governors has enabled the nursery to maintain its good provision'

'Strong leadership has maintained the school's quality of provision'

'Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development are promoted very well'

'Leaders have successfully created a caring environment where children are very well prepared for life in modern Britain'

'Children of many different backgrounds play and learn happily together'

'Teaching is at least good'

'Safeguarding is well organised and secure'


And how well are we doing in the rest of Comper?

Comper Reception (SSMJ) was last inspected in 2014 as part of SSMJ and judged good.

Found under St Mary and St John Priomary School (123213)http://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/ELS/123213


and in our Day Care..... 

Lavender Room Day Care (Union Street) was also inspected in the winter of 2014 and also judged good. 

This report is under Bartlemas (EY386639)


Apple Room Day Care (Hartford Street) was last inspected in February 2015 and judged good in all aspects of provision. This was a pleasing improvement on the previous inspection.

The Report is under: Comper Foundation Stage School (EY294521)


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