The Comper Nursery Experience

At Comper we aim to provide a Nursery day that excites, challenges and motivates your child’s imagination and development. We organise the children’s learning in ways which promote excellence, enjoyment, self- esteem and independent learning.

When children start Nursery they join a group of other children with a Key Person specifically trained in Early Years Education. As far as is possible, the children remain with the same Key Person during their time in the Nursery to support them emotionally and to help staff and families get to know each other. Our experienced and dedicated Nursery Team include a qualified teacher and four Early Years Professionals.

The two Nursery classes are made up of five, small Key Worker Groups: Peach, Pear, Plum, Pineapple and Cherry. Key Group sessions include around eight children. Each child takes part in two carefully planned and differentiated key group sessions each day. These fun, active sessions have a cross-curricular Maths or Literacy focus which always includes a Number or Phonics starter activity. On a Friday, the Key group sessions are ‘Circle Time’ and ‘Show and Tell’.


Purposeful Play

For much of the day, the children enjoy the freedom of both classrooms and our Outdoor Learning area, which is partially covered for rainy days. There are an engaging variety of activities on offer during ‘Explorer Time’ to cover all seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. There are areas of continuous provision which children can access independently such as paint, sand, water, malleable materials, graphics resources, ICT, reading, role play, construction and small world. There are adult led activities such as dice games, craft making, storytelling, cookery, gardening and ball games. There are also quiet spaces to relax and enjoy a good book or chat with friends. The outdoor environment is as important a classroom as the inside area, and children are encouraged to experience all areas of learning both outside and indoors.

A snack table is accessible throughout the day where children can choose from a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables and pour themselves a cup of milk or water. The snack table is always supervised, however we support and encourage children to become independent.


Why is play important?

  • Play is a vital tool for children to use to support their emotional, cognitive and physical development.
  • Through play, children can use the skills they have already mastered to extend their knowledge and understanding of the world.
  • Children feel comfortable and confident when they are playing and consequently feel able to experiment, take risks, question and explore.
  • Through their exploration, children are making connections and building up ideas, concepts and skills.
  • Through play children gain a sense of achievement, thereby developing self-esteem



Storytelling plays an integral part of learning in our Nursery. We have a storytelling week each term where every aspect of our learning stems from a storybook. We use puppets, make props, art work and story maps. We retell and reinvent stories. We make role play areas, dress up, sing, dance and act!


English as an Additional Language

For our children whose home language is not English, we plan short, small group sessions daily during ‘Explorer Time’ to build up confidence communicating in English. We use visual prompts and the security of repeated routines involving turn taking, listening, speaking and action songs. We sing our ‘Hello’ song in children’s home languages and liaise with parents with regard to children’s skills in their home language.

We are always happy to discuss further any aspect of our provision.

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