Forest School

“The best classroom and the richest cupboard are roofed only by the sky”
Margaret McMillan

We are fortunate to provide Reception children with the opportunity to attend Forest school. Our Forest School Leader, Lucy Ginsberg, takes one of the Reception classes to Barracks Lane garden every week (half in morning and others in afternoon). The classes alternate so that, in total, each Reception class has Forest School for three terms out of the six during trhe year. Parents join us to support the children in their learning. The children love Forest School and learn so much from this very special, outdoor experience.

Forest School has been a key part of Scandinavian Early Years education since the 1950’s, and was introduced in the UK in the mid 1990’s. Comper is pleased to have been actively involved in developing Forest School provision and we have been offering this experience to our children ever since.




Why offer Forest School?

Many children today do not enjoy the opportunity to play in a ‘wild’ natural environment. Forest School offers this experience in a risk assessed and carefully managed way, with experienced staff who are skilled at offering children a sense of freedom and independence, whilst supporting their learning and development. Forest School allows children the time and space to explore and learn at their own pace. There are clear Forest School boundaries and rules and children are encouraged to make their own choices and to become independent thinkers.

Research and our own experience shows that the benefits of Forest School are many, including:

·         Increased independence, confidence and self esteem

·         Development of social skills in a more challenging environment

·         Development of language and communication skills

·         Improvement of physical motor skills

·         Positive attitudes to learning – high levels of concentration and motivation


We love Forest School!

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