Comper Foundation Stage School 

Comprising Comper Nursery School with Apple Child Care

Lavender Room (Union Street) Child Care

The Reception Classes (for SS Mary & John School)

Governing Body

What we do

The Governors come with a range of interests that are used for the benefit of Comper.  As well as members of the local community there are governor places for parents of children in the School and staff members; and Chris, as Head Teacher is a Governor too. The prime task of the governors is to ensure that everything that happens in our School and Children’s Centre is as good as it can be to benefit the children in their learning and growing.


The full Governing Body meet four times a year. Between those meetings sub-committees and working groups come together formally so that the governors can learn how the School and Children’s Centre are working.


Among our responsibilities are: to ensure that the aims and policies of the school / children’s centre are established; setting policies; overseeing the curriculum; reviewing the quality of learning and teaching; reviewing the school development plan and monitoring how it is progressing.   We oversee the management of Comper in relation to finance, health and safety, and safeguarding and access to the curriculum for all children so that they progress in their learning. 


At every full governing body meeting Chris as Head presents a report to keep all governors informed about the current work and update us with the progress being made in the areas of learning, care and the additional services for which we are responsible. 


The subcommittees are as follows:


Learning & Teaching


Comper / Mary and John Partnership Grou


You can find out more about the work of the governors by consulting the minutes of our meetings to be found on the board in the entrance hall or on the Comper website.


Who we are

Ben Cairns               Chairperson                  Co-opted                    Resources


Joy Foster                                                    Parent                      Communication


Heather Hamill                                            Co-opted                    Resources


Sarah Weaver                                            Staff                            Learning and Teaching


Kathy Peto                                                 Co-opted                     Safeguarding


Chris Warner           Head                          Ex-officio                   All committees


Becky Woodard                                          Co-opted                    Comper/M&J



Nick Yeung                                                  Parent                       Learning & Teaching



To contact the governors a letter or note can be left at the school Reception desk. Please address it to the Chairperson (Ben) and if the matter is urgent please mark as Urgent (If the Chair is not available it may be opened by Heather, the Vice Chair)

Upcoming Events

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