Dear Daycare parents and carers

Welcome to 'Comper' Daycare and our website

We think our Day Care provision is special in the care and opportunities it gives the children.

A child’s earliest experiences lay the foundations for their self-confidence, well-being and later learning. We aim to provide the highest quality of care and learning for young children and their families. To achieve this, we seek to foster a close partnership with parents, carers and their families.

Comper is the 'family' name of all our provision. We strive to give the children the care and opportunities to achieve their best and really flourish as little people.

The parts of ‘Comper’ include:

  • Daycare
    • ​Apple Room (Hertford Street)
    • Lavendar Room (Union Street)
  • Nursery (Hertford Street)
  • Reception (Hertford Street; for SS Mary & John Primary School)
  • East Oxford Children's Centre (Union Street;)

This website intends to give you information about each part of our provision: About Daycare (with Play Scheme and clubs), Comper Nursery and Reception classes.

East Oxford Children's Centre has its own, dedicated website: 

We hope you find the website helpful. Do get in touch if you think we can help further in any way.

Kind regards

Chris Warner

Interim Head


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