Information for visitors, new staff and volunteers

Please read carefully, so that Comper is safe for children, staff and visitors

Comper is a place for lots of young children and their families. Our priority is to care for every child and keep them safe. We need your help, as a visitor, to make sure our school is always safe.

 Rules and expectations

  • On arrival, make yourself known to our staff at reception (there is a buzzer on second door if needed)​​
  • Sign in the visitors’ book (and as you depart later).
  • Staff and volunteers working with us regularly will need to sign staff record (in office)
  • If you are spending a length of time with us, you will need a visitor or staff badge to be worn at all times.
  • If parking a vehicle, check that it is not on the coned stretch of road in front of the school (even when dropping off). Move it now if this is the case.
  • Take great care when entering or leaving the locked entrance not to let children slip out; this can happen if you hold a door open for the next person
  • Take similar care if you use the Apple Room door to/from the hall
  • Do not use mobile phones for any purpose, except in the school office or staff room, and never with children
  • Cameras of any form are not allowed to be used except those for assigned and designated use
  • Only use your Comper e-mail address to correspond about work related matters. Check for e-mail regularly
  • Check for any child with indentified needs, usually recorded in an education and health plan; for example, physical disability, medical needs etc.
  • Do not enter spaces, such as children’s toilet or changing areas unless to do so is required as part of your role
  • All staff and volunteers must have a cleared DBS and must have attended the generalist safeguarding training. Inform the Head if this is ever not the case if even if you are unsure
  • It is your responsibility to inform the head if there is any change in your circumstances that might affect your suitability to work with children, this includes living with someone in your household who has a criminal conviction
  •  Always use appropriate language in front of children, parents and colleagues. We respect the identity, diversity and rights to equality of all in our community and show this in our attitudes and behaviour
  • We operate a strict no smoking policy in, around and in sight of Comper
  • Hot drinks are not allowed in areas where children may be; only allowed in admin and staffroom areas
  • Comper is a strictly nut-free area. Parents may need polite reminder; for example, about birthday cakes etc.
  • If you are going to be unexpectedly absent, you must talk to your line manager by 8.15am. If you are absent, you must report whether you are going to attend on the following day or not by 4pm. Do not rely solely on e-mail or voicemail to pass on messages
  • Follow our common-sense dress code which seeks to encourage individual expression exercised with dignity and regard for our children, families and local identity. What we wear needs to also be practical for the role we have and duties we undertake. This includes the wearing of jewellery.
  • Report to the Head any occasion when you feel threatened or at risk from unacceptable attitudes or behaviour in any form
  • Trust and respect is at the heart of our school community. We seek to share observations, including concerns about any aspect of our practice and provision in a sensitive and professional way
  • A list of staff qualified in paediatric first aid is displayed around the school. A full first aid kit is available in the main office. Accident/incident form should always be completed and returned to the main office. Parents should always be informed of accidents/incidents at end of day and, if helpful, earlier by telephone. If in doubt refer to Head/Assistant Head
  • Telephone contact with parents should always quickly reassure them that their child is alright, especially if leaving a message
  • Always report any safeguarding concern for any child without delay. Follow the safeguarding policy. Record the concern accurately and as soon as possible. If you have passed on a concern and are unsure if it has been followed up, then raise it again with another, designated person. Check assumptions. Children at the front of our mind.
  • Each local authority has a designated officer (LADO) that anyone can report any safeguarding concern about another adult to (01865 815956)
  • Always ask if you are unsure, need assistance or have a comment- we are here to help you

Thank-you for your co-operation and understanding


Designated staff Team:

Chris Warner (Head)                          Designated Safeguarding Lead

Chrissy Gower                                    Special Educational Needs: Wednesday and Thursday

Sarah O’Flanagan                               Reception

Megan Jenkins                                    Nursery

Grace Lee                                             Child Care Lead

Laura Chaplin, Keanne Gardner       Apple Room 


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